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Metropolitan United Methodist Church 5 O’clock Rush Performance Review

April 18, 2017 ~ “It was a great show” – Meri Slavin

There was electricity in the air as the Lay Minister Sherman Louis said a prayer before Meri Slavin introduced the band.  With great enthusiasm she introduced the band with an “I don’t know what to expect but here you are The Detroit Social Club” to an even more enthusiastic applause/response from the audience.  With a short countdown, the band launched into the opening tune, “Party Like Back In the Day”.  This T. K. Soul song rocks with a steady grove that allows everybody to warm to the task including impressing upon the audience that they too were going to party like back in the day.

The second song was “Meet Me at the Spot”, another grove tune that makes use of “Little Brother Arthur David’s tasty slide guitar work.  The dynamic vocal play between the singers is really captured on these first two songs, led by Darnell “Doc” Gardner; they set the bar for what the audience will be getting throughout the performance.

The next three songs solidly demonstrated what the core identity of the band was…the BLUES!  It began with Little Milton’s “Hey Hey, The Blues Is Alright” featuring Darnell Smith, segueing to Joanne Newman’s rendition of the late and great Sippie Wallace’s “Mighty Tight Woman” only to be followed by Jimmy Reeds’ “Baby What You Want Me To Do” led by “Little Brother”, with impressive harmonic back up by the principle lead singers. 

WOW…the band was smokin’ hot… voices soaring…guitar slashing…organ percolating and the rhythm section of Chris Kent on bass and David Henri on drums was chugging along like a train “dieselin” down a track…steady and on time.

Taking the opportunity for a slight change of pace they delivered a sassy interpretation of the Ruth Brown classic, “5 – 10 – 15” and it featured the splendid keyboard work of George Posey.  They got right back in to it when Darnell Smith asked the audience if they wanted to hear some Motown?  After relating a little story about growing up in Chicago and who his favorite Motown band was, the group hit the beginning notes of the song…a guitar intro…and there was an audible gasp from the crowd as the opening refrain of “Just My Imagination” by the Temptations filled the auditorium. The line “Every night on my knees I pray” was sung by everybody in the room and they sang along with everything else for the rest of the show.  The next tune was “Since I Lost My Baby” and they followed that with “Down Home Blues” by Z.Z. Hill.  One thing for certain is that these boys came to play and sing and if the audience had their way they would still be playing!  They kept begging for an encore…one more song became two more songs and two became three.  There were even a few requests.  The group closed with the great Muddy Water classic, “I’ve Got My Mojo Working” and that was led as always by Little Brother Arthur David.  Boy, he can holler with the best of them and you better get into it or he will likely blow your face off.  Everybody left with their smiles still on their faces!


Metropolitan United Methodist Church’s 5 O’clock Rush Community Outreach Concert Series is a fantastic program for the neighborhood and community surrounding the church.  Every Tuesday it has music across all genres performed live for free.  They serve full meals or snacks and beverages at every show.  So if you are looking for something worthwhile to do that won’t cost you an arm and a leg…plan on coming down for some quality entertainment.  For information call (313) 875-7407 or go to

Metropolitan United Methodist Church

8000 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48202



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